Stage 1 - Completed

Water Plant

A fully functional Water Treatment Plant will be installed in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Plant Setup and Configuration
  • Plant Technical Audit
  • Equipment Certification
  • Performance Certification

Stage 2 - Completed

IoT Setup

Once the installation and configuration of the Water Treatment Plant installation is complete, the IoT devices will be integrated and connected to the Water Treatment Plant. These devices enable us to monitor the production data of the plant as well as other key metrics.

  • Installation of IoT devices
  • Configuration of IoT devices
  • Data and Telemetry Audit
  • Instrumentation and Data Integrity Certification

Stage 3 - Completed


Oracle integration of the plants IoT devices to the blockchain. The oracle integration enables us to trigger the H2ON Smart Contracts. Integral to this is the setup of the Plant Smart Contracts and the plant dNFT.

  • Oracle intergration of IoT data
  • Plant Smart Contract functionality testing

Stage 4 - Completed

Exchange Intergration & dNFT

Integration and connection to the exchanges (CEX & DEX), which enables the Settlement Smart Contract to purchase H2ON from the exchanges in order to make payment for services rendered by network participants in the H2O Water Network.

  • Exchange API's and Smart Contract integration
  • Minting of Plant dNFT

Stage 5 - In Progress

Settlement & Yield Distribution

Once exchange integration has been completed, the Settlement Smart Contract will settle service providers and yields will be distributed to the staking Pools according to pre-defined values.

  • Settlement Smart Contract functionality testing

On Completion - Scheduled

Final Audits

Once the 5 stages have been completed there will be audits conducted for security,integrity and financial compliance.

  • Plant Smart Contract Security and Integrity Audit
  • Settlement Smart Contract Security and Integrity Audit
  • Integration functionality Audit
  • Integration security and integrity Audit
  • Financial integrity Audit
  • Financial Completion Audit

Technology Demostrator Plants

Below are the three plants currently connected to our Network as part of our Technology Demonstrator.

Click on any of the plants to their live data and blockchain test transactions.