June 2022
Sunday 26 June 22h00 GMT Trading Lock & Closing Price
  • We lock the trading of the H2OC Token and download all the addresses of people who own H2OC.
  • The closing price of H2OC on CoinMarketCap will be the guaranteed price up to the listing date of H2ON and will also be the swap price between the two tokens. This simply means if you own $100 of H2OC on 26 June 2022 at 22h00 GMT then you will own $100 of H2ON 12h00 GMT 7 July 2022 - the main listing date.
Monday 27 June to Sunday 3 July 2022 Marketing & Bitmart Setup
  • Bitmart starts marketing the launch of the H2ON Token. A substantial amount of marketing is expected and we can expect a high number of people joining our social media platforms from this date onwards;
  • Ensure your Metamask wallet is setup correctly;
  • During this period it is also advisable to open your personal trading account on Bitmart Exchange in order to trade and sell your H2ON after the listing date - follow this link to open your account;
Monday 4 July 2022 12h00 GMT Bitmart Launchpad

The H2ON launch event opens on the Bitmart Exchange. The maximum amount of tokens that will be offered on this event is $50,000 worth of H2ON, the maximum amount that any person can buy is $100.00 and the launch event will be open for only 12 hours, during which we expect all tokens to be sold.

Thursday 7 July 2022 12h00 GMT Main Listing Bitmart & Apeswap
  • The H2ON Token is open for trading on the Bitmart Exchange (CEX) and Apeswap (DEX).
  • The H2OC to H2ON Token swap is automatically executed after the market opens on Bitmart. At this stage the H2ON Tokens should be visible in your wallet that held your H2OC. The H2OC will still be visible but will have no trading value or trading market.
  • The H2ON Staking Pools are opened and H2ON Token holders can start staking their H2ON. Staking has many benefits, please read our article to see the benefits this holds for you and how you can passively increase your H2ON Token holdings daily.
Friday 8 July 2022 Swap & Listing Complete

The complete Token swap process should be completed and from this point onwards the H2ON Token is freely tradeable at prevailing market rates.

Super Token Holders

Super Token Holders are token holders that hold a large volume of tokens. These token volumes have the ability to significantly affect the market price of H2ON negatively if such a token holder is forced to, required to, or desires to offload or sell its H2ON Tokens.

We are therefore required in terms of our listing requirements to control the ability of these Super Token Holders to sell their tokens. The following is important to note in terms of Super Token Holdings.

  • A Super Token Holder is classified as a person that controls in one or more wallets an amount of more than 10,000 H2ON tokens;
  • Super Token Holders are categorised into three groups: Super A, Super B and Super C, we explain the groups in the table below;
  • Super Token Holders will have their tokens locked for specific periods. During the lock and hold period the Super Token Holder will not be able to sell, trade, stake or use the tokens.
  • The locked H2ON Tokens will be released at predetermined daily rates as per the table below. Once released the Super Token Holder can trade, stake and utilise the token at the token holder's discretion.
  • Each Super Token Holder will have a specific blockchain enabled Lock Smart Contract, the details of which will be supplied to them, and token releases will be made to the token holder's Metamask Wallet. Release percentages as outlined in the table below will be calculated on the original amount of tokens under the holder's control. Please ensure that the Metamask wallet is properly enabled - see our article here. H2O Securities uses team by TrustSwap as our technology partner for token locks and releases.
  • As releases happen on a daily basis the Super Token Holder will be able to draw those tokens into their personal wallets.
  • Super Token Holders receive a monthly reward (almost like an interest payment) for the duration of the lock period. The reward is calculated based on the amount of H2ON Tokens in the token holder's lock at 00h00 GMT on the last day of each calendar month. The reward is distributed on the first day of the following calendar month to the Metamask wallet of the Super Token Holder. Rewards APR are indicative and as per the table below.

7th July 2022 - Update

If you Hold more than 10,000 H2ON then you are subject to a Token Vesting requirement as we explained above.

This means today 3% of your H2ON tokens will be immediately available in your wallet. The rest of your H2ON is released on a daily cycle with an interest component as outlined in the swap table, for your particular category of holding.

In order for you to view your total allocated, vested and available to withdraw amounts, you would have to follow this link from your Metamask enabled desktop browser.

Once you have withdrawn your H2ON you can stake them on any of our staking pools by clicking here.